Dai Guangyu (Beijing)

The Failure of Defense—America, 2017

A new iteration of the artist’s seminal performance shifted from its original (Denmark, 2007) commentary on class and ideological divisions in China toward homologous, albeit locally and historically specific, forces that threaten the nation in the American context. As the artist painted the seemingly blank xuan paper covering the stage with black ink, the outlines of a set of critical and consequential relations emerged, posing questions about where we all stand in relation to the character and inclusiveness of the nation today.

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Dai Guangyu’s FIELD MEETING participation is supported by Ink Studio (Beijing).

Dai Guangyu, The Failure of Deference-America, 2017. Performance documentation FIELD MEETING Take 5: Thinking Project, November 14th at Asia Society.


Born in 1955 into a literati family in Chengdu, China, Dai Guangyu was trained from childhood in calligraphy, painting, and literature. His career as a contemporary artist is comprised of his longstanding practice as a visual and performance artist, a curator, cultural critic, and a poet. His work engaged with Chinese art history, ink painting culture, as well as Chinese poetics and politics. He has exhibited in a vast array of respective art venues including Helen and Morris Belkin Art Gallery in Vancouver, Canada (2008), Himalayas Art Museum in Shanghai, China (2012), O’STRALE 14 in Dresden, Germany (2014), and in both of IFA Gallery’s location at Shanghai, China and Brussels, Germany (2010) (2014).

Dai Guangyu, “Guard Red,” 2007, performance, Denmark Courtesy of the artist and Ink Studio