An annual signature program of Asia Contemporary Art Week, FIELD MEETING Take 4: Thinking Practice was a two-day exclusive forum for arts professionals dedicated to newly conceived performances, lecture-performances, and lively discussions by 30 compelling figures, hosted at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum & Asia Society Museum, New York on November 11 & 12.

Emulating the experience of a studio visit on a communal scale, FIELD MEETING: Thinking Practice yielded an experimental and performative realm for creative individuals to embody their work through their own presence to an audience of New York & US-based curators, scholars, and museum directors. The program transcended conventional educational symposia to stage a showcasing of people, their ideas, research, and significant activities, whereby new materials, concepts and projects are tested and reflected upon collectively.
Presenting Artists & Arts Professionals:

Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme (Ramallah & New York) / Amina Ahmed (Tehran, London & New York) / Heba Y. Amin (Cairo & Berlin) / Xyza Cruz Bacani (Hong Kong & Bambang) / Stephanie Bailey (London, Athens & Hong Kong) / Wafaa Bilal (Najaf & New York) / T-Yong Chung (Tae-Gu, Milan & Venice) / Mary Ellen Carroll (Houston & New York) / Shezad Dawood (London) / Erin Gleeson (Phnom Penh & London) / Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige (Beirut) / Ho Rui An (Singapore) / Ho Tzu Nyen (Singapore & Berlin) / Chia-En Jao (Taipei) / Michael Joo (New York) / Anthony Lee (New York) / Loo Zihan (Singapore) / Jennifer Wen Ma (Beijing & New York) / Umashankar Manthravadi (Bangalore) / Yasmin Jahan Nupur (Dhaka) / Sarah Rifky (Cairo & Boston) / Mithu Sen (New Delhi) / Mami Kataoka (Tokyo) / Raha Raissnia (Tehran & New York) / Rashid Rana (Lahore) / Nora Razian (Beirut) / Jonas Staal (Amsterdam) / Ye Funa (Beijing)


As part of its media partnership with ACAW, Ibraaz catalogues FIELD MEETING: Thinking Practice art forum in a dedicated reader, before-and-after, including the Curatorial Narrative, artists’ synopses and bios, the full schedule of the program, and reflections following the two-day forum, featuring exclusive artist-on-artist interviews, responses, recorded content and more through 2017.

Field Meeting Schedule