Asia-based Venues


Richard Koh Fine Art (Kuala Lumpur)
Natee Utarit: Optimism Is Ridiculous, The Altarpieces
Exhibition | Through October 17th at Galeri Nasional, Jakarta, Indonesia
Co-presented with Galeri Nasional Indonesia, the exhibition is part of the artist’s Optimism is Ridiculous series which began in 2012 and has been featured in various exhibitions in Asia. Composed of multiple panels forming a diptych, triptych, or polyptych that follow the tradition of classical religious paintings with elaborate frames and settings, the 12 works displayed offer a satire of modernism and capitalism, and tells of its seduction of local customs and traditions. MAP

Natee Utarit, The silence gateway, 2016 Oil on canvas, 287 x 308cm (triptych)


Ink Studio (Beijing)
Dai Guangyu – Making Traces: The Arts of Participation and Refusal
Exhibition | Through October 20th
The first conceptual retrospective of China’s seminal ink performance artist Dai Guangyu’s performance art practice, exploring the trajectory of his more than 30-year practice and unveiling new works in his vibrant public, political and participatory performance art oeuvre. The exhibition also displays for the first time a pivotal body of historically groundbreaking performance art artifacts that augment the photography and video documentation typically associated with performance art, revealing the dynamics and critical stances of refusal and resistance embodied in Dai’s work. MAP


Space Station (Beijing)
Meng Site: Stardust Museum
Exhibition | Through October 29th
This solo exhibition presents an imaginary museum created by the artist Meng Site, in which a variety of magical narratives, including the Milky Way, is trapped. With the bizarre scene of twists and turns in the paintings, the exhibition brings to the audience a fascinating, unique, time-travel experience and insights in its bold imagination.MAP


EXHIBIT320 (New Delhi)
Alex Davis: Herbarium Indicum
Exhibition | Through November 5th
Widely known for his design practice, the exhibition is Davis’s first painting solo exhibition at the gallery and extends his interest in both science and botanical art in a new direction. Largely influenced by his childhood memories of life in the lush green foliage of Kerala, Davis’ current body of work reads like larger-than-life botanical illustrations, each painted in a single predominant colour that admittedly is inspired from colour field painting.MAP

Alex Davis, Untitled-from the series ‘herbarium indicum'(details), oil and impasto on canvas, courtesy of Exhibit320 


Kwan Sheung Chi: Blue is the New Black
Exhibition | Through November 23rd
Kwan draws on the culture, politics and idiosyncrasies of his native Hong Kong as his main inspirations, and as a result, his works hold a mirror to the rapidly changing cultural landscape of the city, offering us a uniquely intimate view of the artist’s experience. Kwan’s works are tinged with his ironic humor, displaying a dry and witty, yet continually critical view of Hong Kong’s relationship with money and power.MAP

Kwan Sheung Chi, Blue is the New Black (detail), 2017. Two Channel Video; UHD video, colour, mono sound, Courtesy Edouard Malingue Gallery


Various Exhibitions
This fall Alserkal Avenue features various notable solo and group exhibitions at its resident galleries including Ramin Haerizadeh’s third solo exhibition at Gallery Isabelle Van Den Eynde (September 13 – November 3), Daniel Gustav Cramer & Joana Escoval’s “Sand” at GREY NOISE, Dubai (September 23 – November 4), Amir Khojasteh and Philip Mueller’s “Good Face and Incurable Flaws” at Carbon 12 (September 13 – October 31), among others.MAP

Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh, Hesam Rahmanian, Nurse, 2014, Character from the movie Aakkaandi, Colour video, with sound, Duration: 1 min 34 seconds, Courtesy Alserkal Avenue