FIELD MEETING Day 2 Opening Remarks
October 27th, 2014 New York City

Excerpt from Ahmady’s FIELD MEETING’s Introductory Address:

“Over the past few years more Asian artists have established presence on the rosters of blue-chip galleries and international biennials, while research and academic inquiries within Asia have also expanded considerably. The Field Meeting acknowledges the field’s achievements and challenges; it seeks to advocate nuanced approaches to the unearthing of our recent past, and more urgently, to the ways we can critically and radically imagine the future. By inviting artists and art professionals to share their perspectives and their initiatives the FIELD MEETING thrives on the possibilities of unexpected undercurrents, connections, and reflections on a variety of subjects from political activism, ethics, cross-pollination of subcultures, to renewed interests in anachronistic mediums and more.”

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What FIELD MEETING envisions:
-A very broad and open representation of Asia
-Dissemination of artistic practice as an ongoing process as opposed to end results
-Shedding light on unconventional exhibition making practices
-Highlighting active artists & initiatives in a much more timely and less mediated fashion
-Facilitating exchange beyond established institutional representation and discourse
-Addressing large gaps in the ratio of Asia based artists represented in US museums, galleries and institutions
-Forging partnerships, future collaborations, nurturing lasting relationships between artists, art professionals and organizations in the United States and various regions of Asia
-Creating access to unfamiliar yet existing art-historical scholarship
-Inspiring new and rigorous research
-Analysis of new institutional models specific to local arenas