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Inside Out: The Artist as Collector

Day 1 Morning Discussion

Following their talks & performances, presenters in this session discussed their works in a lively joint conversation in the context of curator Leeza Ahmady’s “unprecedented notion of seeing the artist as the primary collector”.
Moderated by Nada Raza and Uns Kattan, the conversation was built around Ranbir Kaleka’s reflections on how his childhood experience in an Indian village haveli contributed to his accumulation of occurrences, or “visual events” over time; Heman Chong’s unpacked his project: Foreign Affairs, a collection of photographs depicting embassy backdoors from around the world; and Nikhil Chopra’s one hour performance where he silently and seductively (stoping one on one’s tracks kind of seduction) created a large-scale landscape drawing on a wall with 30 different shades of red lipstick. Vilma Jurkute advocated for the “renegotiation of new borders of knowledge geography” to allow for both discussion and criticism of institutional practice and collections. Following her narration of a fictional story, Leeza Ahmady, conveyed the importance of curators exploring varied and unconventional forms of curatorial writing and research in their practices.
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See Presenters Individual Profiles & Presentation Videos Below
Vilma Jurkute | Dubai | Welcome Remarks
Leeza Ahmady | New York | On Kings, Films & Astral Nomads
Ranbir Kaleka | Delhi | Miraculous Non-Events
Heman Chong | Singapore | Foreign Affairs
Nikhil Chopra | Goa | Rogue

Respondents / Moderators:
Nada Raza | Research Curator at the Tate Research Centre: Asia
Uns Kattan | Programmes Manager at Art Jameel