Diane Lewis (New York)

Architecture/Performance: The City As Art/Work

Diane Lewis enlightened us to the genealogy of the term “performance” as it emerged in architectural terms during the European enlightenment era.

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  Diane Lewis lives and works in Manhattan, where she was born. Recipient of the 1976 Rome Prize in    Architecture, she has sustained and unfolded the spirit of her education, which provided a firsthand        participation in the lively interaction of the architect / theorists and art world of Italy, Germany and New    York during the 1970’s at Cooper Union, and at the American Academy in Rome.

  This formative period of innovation and radical resistance cast a tone for her commitment and ability to    sustain parallel activities in architectural practice while developing a unique platform on studio                teaching, and a commitment to critical writing on architecture. All projects demonstrate the integration   of a unique approach to “the architecture of the city.” This urban quality is key to the built work, and the   approach to the design studios she has simultaneously conducted. Her knowledge and integration of     the impact of the innovations and responsibility of the auteur artist is evident in all these endeavors.

 Top Right: Image courtesy of Carol Haggerty.  Bottom Right: ©Rob Mattson, Sarasota Herald-Tribune.