Tang Dixin (Shanghai)


On Day 1, Tang Dixin used physical divergence between the act of ‘walking’ and ‘climbing’ among the audience as an imaginative interval to defy social norms; his actions suggested retreat to a subdued expression of disobedience. He demonstrated a similar performance of striking physical divergence with book throwing and balancing on day 2.

Top right: Image courtesy of Chelsea Liu.

> Watch Tang Dixin’s Performance Day 1

> Watch Tang Dixin’s Performance Day 2

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Artist and curator Tang Dixin’s practices involve a spectrum of media, all of which contribute to emphasizing the site-specificity and eventuality of art. He graduated from Shanghai Normal University and now lives and works in Shanghai. His recent solo exhibitions include Mr. Hungry, Aike-Dellarco, Shanghai; and Tang Dixin, Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo. He also participated in group exhibitions including Jing Shen The Act of Painting in Contemporary China, PAC Museum of Contemporary Art, Milan; and the 10th Gwangju Biennale, Korea (2014).

Tang Dixin’sparticipation in FIELD MEETING is supported by Aike-Dellarco (Shanghai)

Bottom right: Tang Dixin, Mr. Hungry. On-site performance at AIKE-DELLARCO, Shanghai, China, 2014