Discussion Session 2 (Day 1)

1984 in Disguise: The Project of Resistance

(From left to right) Dai Guangyu, Craig Yee and Maya Kovskaya.

This discussion contemplates the section of FIELD MEETING entitled “1984 in Disguise: The Project Resistance.” Artist Dai Guangyu discusses his performance “The Failure of Defense – America 2017,” which shifts from its original focus on class and ideological division in China to forces that threaten the American nation. If works by creative individuals are interpreted as “projects,” what are their functions in society? Are they merely passive intellectual investigations, or do they actively contest the daunting multiplicity of paradoxes spawned by the prevailing right-winged and democratically masked authoritarian governments worldwide?

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FIELD MEETING Take 5: Thinking Project, November 14th at Asia Society.