Joyce Ho (Taipei)

A Day at ACAW

Ho’s intimate performance at FIELD MEETING was choreographed on the basis of our everyday perceptions. It “attaches to familiar experience in life: cycles, relationships, rituals, dialogues, spaces, and events.” The artist’s main premise in the performance was to regulate ‘time’ as a clue and magnifier of the subtle rituals often overlooked in our daily lives.

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Joyce Ho’s FIELD MEETING participation is supported by Taipei Cultural Center.

Joyce Ho, A Day at ACAW, 2017. Performance documentation FIELD MEETING Take 5: Thinking Project, November 14th at Asia Society.


Joyce Ho is an interdisciplinary artist with an emphasis in painting, sculpture, installation, and performance. In her works, she explores daily rituals, the deconstruction of movement, and the fluid relationship between light and shadow. She is interested in the tension between dream and reality. Her works simultaneously envelop the audience while also destabilizing the viewers’ traditional views and modes of perception. Ho’s recent exhibitions include: solo exhibition: “Dream about the edge”, IT PARK,Taipei (2017), “Semitransparent Scenery”, The First Kirishima Lobby Project, Kirishima Open-air Museum, Kagoshima, Japan (2016). Group exhibition: “Art Basel Hong Kong: Encounters sections”, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, (2017), “Everything You Need To Know About The FY Foundation: An Exhibition”, You Space, Shenzhen, China, (2017).

Joyce Ho, Overexposed Memory, Space installation 1100x600x310 cm / Single channel video, 5 mins / 2015, Courtesy of the artist