6:30pm-9pm | Premiere & Artist Talk

Zhao Zhao: Project Taklamakan

In October 2015, Zhao Zhao worked on Project Taklamakan in Xinjiang for 23 days. He and a thirty-strong team traveled 4,000 kilometers with a 100-kilometer-long 4 core cable and a refrigerator from Beijing to the town of Luntai on the north end of the Taklamakan Desert. Zhao Zhao negotiated with a rural Uighur family to connect their electricity after agreeing to pay a fee. Next, he followed the edges of the desert highway through a poplar forest, generally heading south. Using a refitted Pathfinder and 10 transformers, he laid the 100-kilomater cable in the desert until he reached the center of the Taklamakan Desert. The end of the cable was connected to a double-door refrigerator full of Sinkiang(Xinjiang)Beer, running the appliance for 24 hours in an expansive, uninhabited desert Seven days later, the 100-kilometer cable, the transformers, and the refrigerator were sent back to Beijing, where the cable was cut into precise 1.86 meter sections, based on the height of the refrigerator.

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