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9:30am-5:30pm | Exhibition Viewing

History’s Shadows and Light

Organized by and first shown as a special section of the exhibition “Faint Light, Dark Shadows” at Taipei Fine Arts Museum in March of this year, this exhibition features photographs of major political and social movements in Taiwan from 1986 to 1990—a time when photography not only served witness to society’s drastic transformation, but also began to expand the expressive force and contagious appeal of the contemporary photographic aesthetic. “History’s Shadows and Light”, as part of a special series commemorating the 30th anniversary of the end of martial law in Taiwan, ponders some of the issues that arose with the lifting of martial law, such as human rights, farmers’ and workers’ movements, and environmental protection, as documented through the photojournalism of Liu Chen-hsiang, Huang Tzu-ming and Hsu Po-hsin, and the precious documentary films of the Green Team.

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Above: History’s Shadows and Light, courtesy of Taipei Fine Arts Museum