October 27th, 2014 New York City

Patty Chang presented on The Wandering Lake: a personal, associative, narrative meditation on mourning, caregiving, geopolitics and landscape. In her lecture, Patty introduced her continued interest and exploration of cultural imaginaries. Thinking about the embodiment of site through performance, Chang uses water as a medium of politics and poetics from the Wandering Lake in Xinjiang, China, the sea coast of Newfoundland, Canada, and the Aral Sea in Muynak, Uzbekistan.

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Bio – Patty Chang (Boston)
Patty Chang works with performance, video, narrative, empathy, the unknown and the document. Her work has been exhibited at galleries and museums internationally. She is a 2014 recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship and has recently exhibited her video installation Flotsam Jetsam (2007), a collaboration with David Kelley, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Patty Change, Invocation of a Wandering Lake, 2014, video still. Courtesy of the artist