Talking Peers

The Talking Peers program, conceived by ACAF board directors Leeza Ahmady, Megha Ralapati, and Christopher Ho, facilitates collaborative engagements among Asia-based and Asian diaspora artists, curators, and educators. This initiative aims to activate, empower, and revitalize professional networks by cultivating artistic connections and establishing expansive peer-to-peer mentorship structures. The program seeks to provide a dynamic platform for creative professionals, fostering collaboration across art collectives, institutions, and academia at both local and global levels. 

Talking Peers aims to forge connections between diverse artistic communities through this inclusive approach, manifested in various formats that emulate the experience of a studio visit. The emphasis is on sharing and communicating the creative process, resources, knowledge, and wisdom rather than the final artwork or project exhibition. This multifaceted approach fosters meaningful connections and weaves a diverse fabric of collaborative growth, satisfaction, and abundance, sparking renewed creativity and fostering professional development among participants.