Jawshing Arthur LIOU (Indiana & Taipei)

Crossing, 2009, single-channel video, color, sound, 5′.

This immersive and textured landscape of turbulent waves in a storm meditates on the loss of the artist’s beloved daughter. Rendered through 3D modeling techniques to simulate realistic ocean movements, the process combines formal oil painting and animation to render what Liou refers to as “mindscapes,” or reservoirs of emotion.

About the artist:

Jawshing Arthur Liou’s video installations depict spaces that offer spiritual reflection and sanctuary, but are often not probable in reality. Working with both lens-based representation and digital post-production, he aims to transform recognizable imagery into realms of otherworldly experience and evoke the transitory nature of time and space. Liou is currently the Associate Professor and Area Head of digital art at Indiana University, Bloomington. His videos and prints are featured in exhibitions and collections worldwide including, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and Seoul Museum of Art.